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Scent Work Classes for Dogs

Scent work classes for dogs harness their incredible sense of smell, making learning a thrilling adventure. These classes focus on scent detection and tracking, enhancing mental acuity and boosting their confidence. It’s a rewarding and enjoyable way to connect with your dog while watching them excel in their natural talent. Whether for bonding, behavior improvement, or pure fun, nose work classes offer a fulfilling experience for both you and your furry companion.

The next session of classes will start Monday, June 3rd and end July 8th. To sign up, go to:

The classes will be 1 hour classes running for 6 weeks.

Cost is $84.00

Questions? Need more info – contact:

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The Nose Work class concept and sport was created to provide an opportunity for the companion dog to have an outlet for their natural hunting and scenting abilities and was inspired by the model of working detection dogs, such as bomb, drug, narcotic, etc. search dogs. This class introduces the concept of the game, builds handler observation skills and timing, and gets the dog focused. The foundation steps are critical to the development of a strong handler/dog team.